Below are descriptions of the Services, Document Types, and Options found in our Editorial Service Order Form.

These are the Editorial Services currently available on the first dropdown menu in the Order Form. Expand the name of the Service to see details about the service scope and related options. Where applicable, we include tips about how get the best value out of the service.

Write & Format

Review & Comment



Website Proof


1st Draft Revisions (of a previous work order)

Below are descriptions of the types of documents we provide services for. The Document Type is selected from the second dropdown menu on the Editorial Order Form. Expand the name of the Document Type to see details:

Business Brief

Business Plan

Company History

Correspondence and Memos

Executive Bio

Executive Summary

Manual / Online Help

Professional Paper or Blog

Projections and Use of Funds (spreadsheet)




Slide Presentation or Pitch Deck (PowerPoint)


When using our Order Form, clients may optionally choose one of the following ‘add-on’ services. Expand the name of the Option to see details about scope and related cost-factors.

Research & Fact-checking

Expedited Service


Custom Design