About Editorial Services

We compose/write, edit, research/fact-check, review/comment, proofread, print/publish, and transcribe most business-related documents, including:

  • Business Plans, Briefs, Bios and Histories
  • PowerPoint Presentations and Pitch Decks.
  • Website and/or Blog Content
  • RFP/RFI proposals and response documents
  • Memos, Reports, Correspondence
  • Podcasts and recorded interviews and conversations (see Transcriptions for details and orders).

Minimum client time commitment:  All orders include a 15-minute Order Review Meeting to confirm job requirements. Additional short calls, texts, or emails may be required to get clarifications.

Editorial Service Fees

Editorial Service fees are based on the service type, document type, page length, number of inclusions (images, tables, charts, etc.) and other options you select in our Order Form.


All orders under $250 are due in full at the time the order is placed. For orders of $250 or more, we require a 50% deposit with balance due on completion. Deposits are not posted to the client’s card until the work order is finalized in the order review meeting.

Transcription Service Fees

Audio Transcriptions are charged by the audio minute (length of audio file, rounded up), with a 5-minute minimum. Additional fees are charged when 1) there are more than two speakers, 2) where an Interpreter is present, 3) where recording quality is poor, and 4) when editing for publication is selected, and where expedited services are required.

our Process

You use our Order Form to place your order and pay or make a deposit on services.

You receive a confirmation email with a link to the Job Order Review Meeting.

We meet to finalize job requirements, update the job estimate, get client approval, and set a delivery date.

When your order is ready, we email the final invoice to you and, if a balance is due, provide a link to the payment page.

We email you a link to your completed document for download.

You will have 3 business days to review and request revisions. To request revision, you submit a ‘1st Draft Revision’ Service order and describe your request. See Order Form Options for details.

To Place an Order

In the form (right or below):
  1. Select the service and document type from the drop down menus. [Click Here for descriptions].
  2. Adjust the number of pages and Inclusions, as needed. If you don’t know what you need, accept the default and we can adjust in the order review meeting.
  3. Select additional service Options. Printing is done by a 3rd party. Costs are estimated in the form.
  4. Upload source documents (optional) You can also upload these documents at the order review meeting.
  5. Choose Place Order‘ to submit the order and make payment. You will receive the Order Review Meeting Request within one business day.

(On mobile phones and tablets, scroll down to see the Quote and Total Fees for the order.)

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