Transcription Services

We offer English-language transcriptions of audio content captured 1) Verbatim 2) Non-verbatim or 3) Edited-for-publication. We specialize in transcriptions of podcasts and other A/V content for online publication.

Transcriptions are formatted in a Microsoft Word ‘radio-style’ script template by default or simple HTML.


Transcriptions are charged by the audio minute (length of audio file, rounded up), with a 5-minute minimum. (We confirm your estimate and adjust if necessary based on actual recording length)

Additional fees are charged when 1) there are more than two speakers, 2) where an Interpreter is present, 3) where recording quality is poor, and 4) where expedited services are required.

To place an order

Use this Form to order a transcription and upload the audio file to be transcribed. (standard audio file formats are accepted.)

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