Advisory Consults

Q&A calls and video chats.

Clients book time with a consultant to leverage their expertise and get answers to questions about any business-related issue or topic.

What we don’t know, we’ll find out for you.

Minimum client time commitment: 30-minute video conference or phone call.

Additional cost involved: None. All meetings are one-off.

Business Startup

Launching your business.

We help clients turn an idea into reality by providing research and development, plans and strategy, and capital raise.

To initiate a Startup Project: Client books the first requirements gathering meeting (1 hour minimum).

Estimated client time commitment: 3-5 1-hour video conference calls, more for complex startup requirements.

Coaching Sessions


Clients book time and come prepared to deliver a short presentation of their business or project and receive feedback.

Minimum client time commitment: 1-hour video conference meeting. Client can book additional sessions, as needed.

Additional cost involved: None

Vendor Referrals

Plus RFP/RFIs*

We research and recommend service providers for outsourced HR, website development, online marketing, outside sales, and more.

Minimum client time commitment: 30-minute video conference for basic vendor needs assessment.

Additional cost involved: Optional 30-minute introductory meeting with one or more referred vendors.

RFP/RFIs will require Editorial and PM costs.

Project Manager

‘as a service

Our consultant will manage any business-related project and oversee the work of staff and service providers to ensure on-time/on-budget delivery.

To initiate PM services: Client books the scoping meeting (30 minutes).

Average client time commitment: Varies, depending on length/complexity of project.

Additional cost involved: If project requires travel, T&E charges will apply.



Our consultant will represent you/your company in planned business presentations and meetings conducted online.

To request representation: Client books a scoping meeting (30 min minimum).

Minimum client time commitment: ~1-hour scoping meeting plus meeting time.

Additional cost involved: None.
If project requires travel